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Kingdom Bible Studies
Kingdom Bible Studies

Jesus teachings and commands for the response of disciples over the law is amazing. Kingdom characters are built at the upper chambers of law and making the law to be at the lower chamber. ‘How’?

Jesus refers to what the law says on this subject and the warning against the breaking ot oaths but Jesus warned that we must not swear to any oath at all, ‘why’? because every oath consciously or unconsciously entered into eventually put one in bondage.

The 6th and 7th commandments say; thou shall not murder and thou shall not commit adultery. But sinners have escape root because the emphasis is on physical termination of lives with gun or any dangerous weapon, whilst judgement can only be meted out on anyone caught in the unholy act of infidelity. Our Lord’s teachings on the Mount uncover the root of all murder and how many have committed murder from their heart without gun and weapons.

Jesus teachings on the Mount provided the perfect summary of the law to one single command "LOVE". Jesus Himself fulfilled the law as he lived up to all that he taught and thus was the only one to fulfil and to be what the Old Testament taught and prophesised. He also demonstrated the LOVE of His Father by given His own life as a ransom to redeem humanity from eternal damnation. (SACRIFICIAL LOVE)

What does it means to be the salt and the light of this world? Salt is a sweetener and preservatory materials often use to preserve food and perishable things in history even before the invention of refrigeration. Also the light was an agent of the WORD of GOD released from the begining to subdue darkness at the inception of creation. Jesus is the WORD and the LIGHT. (John 1:1-5)

THE CHURCH is God’s Kingdom on earth. God led Matthew to preserve Christ's Sermon on the Mount to teach us the essence of Christian life and the Church.